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Requiescat in pace, Beautiful Baby

On Tuesday, November 20th, my beautiful sister, Joscelyne Denelle Flemming Rita, passed away. She leaves behind her loving husband, Emanuel, son, Justin, and daughter, Sophia. Please pray for all of us. It’s been devastating. I miss my Baby.  


Twilight & butterflies.

 Joscelyne and Zoe enjoying the sunshine at the park in October.   I awoke this morning amongst thoughts of Joscelyne. I was barely awake, in that twilight stage between wake and sleep. I thought of Jos, and my “butterfly mug,” and ends and beginnings. Back in the day, the two of us loved butterflies, in…


I fight sins not tragedies.

 Joscelyne’s Memorial Service Thursday was Joscelyne’s memorial. It was a beautiful service and I guess a good 200 people came out. I didn’t cry and I believe a large part of that is due to the presence of those 200. My former boss, Nancy, and her husband. My heart leaped at seeing her face. She…


To sing a requiem and such rest to her.

    “For in that sleep of death what dreams may come.”   Hamlet,  Act III, scene 1, line 66 I pulled into the driveway, and put the car in park. It was a risk, just showing up like this to see my sister, but I missed her. I pulled out my cell and hit…


Circles, Squares & Z

We sat, mouths slightly agape, staring. We were shocked and hurt, K and I. We had just been counseled briefly that the child inside me might be genetically “defective”. And then asked flatly, if we would like to consider terminating the pregnancy? ******************************************************** Six weeks ago, K and I left work early to go the…


Get Hitched or Die Tryin’

  “Dying” to get married? You might have more in common with this man than you think.     I couldn’t blame my girlfriends. The girls, who upon learning of my impending nuptials last fall, reacted with varying degrees of annoyance and anger. Yes, I was disappointed, but I understood. I had been there too,…