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  • Lent 2021, Day 3: Freedom & Praise, all the day long.

    Perseverance from Freedom Riders, Praise from David.

  • Lent 2021, Day 2: In my beginning is my end.

    The ecclesiastical psalminess of T.S. Eliot.

  • Lent 2021: Ash Wednesday

    Join me, won’t you, as I try, and most likely fail on some days, to blog through this holy season of repentance and meditation.

  • CoviDiaries: Advent & Love.

    “Love, actual love, is action. It’s a choice… it’s continual choosing. It doesn’t end after the picture is snapped and saved and even shared and, funnily, “loved” by others. It’s sweeping your beloved off her feet- and lifting her incoherent, babbling self off the floor.”

  • CoviDiaries: Advent & Hope.

    As Advent began a week ago, I knew I was and am still lost in Lent. So I wait. My very soul waits. And I hope, hope that God will see us through.

  • Flashback Friday: Bobby Driscoll, Disney’s First Tragic Child Star.

    As someone who grew up watching, The E! True Hollywood Story, I know there’s a ridiculously long history of tragic child stars. Ever see what happened with the cute tots of The Little Rascals? I mean that messiness went down in the 1930s. But I can’t recall hearing about the sad tale of Bobby Driscoll until rather recently.

  • The Quiet Faith of Hank Hill

    “King of the Hill”, which ran from 1997 through 2010, is remembered for a number of things: propane and propane accessories; the fictional but somehow seemingly real Texas city of Arlen; just how “not right” Hank felt his son Bobby was; Peggy’s feet, Cotton’s shins, and Hank’s behind; and how refreshing a cool Alamo was, preferably sipped while standing in the back alley with a group friends and saying “yup” or “I’ll tell you what” as a sign of mutual satisfaction with life.
    One thing that has long stood out to me, however, is Hank’s inherent and strong Christian faith.

  • Flashback Friday: Frida and Eva.

    Flashback to that time when Mexican artist Frida Kahlo traveled to San Fran and painted a portrait of a Black woman… as a woman… not a caricature.

  • CoviDiaries: Easter and my Totem.

    It doesn’t quite feel like Easter, but I know it’s coming.

  • Come Clean: Sometimes, I wish Black singers wouldn’t “sang”.

    Just sing the song, Mother Hattie Mae.